1. Overview

DramaQA challenge will be conducted as a proxy task of the Turing Test for video story understanding. DramaQA is a story-centered video question answering dataset which uses episodes from a TV drama series, Another Miss Oh (We received official permission to use these episodes for research purposes from the content provider.) as the source. The DramaQA dataset provides video clips with visual annotations (e.g., characters, place, objects and objects related to the characters), subtitles with co-reference annotations (to the characters) and QA sets with carefully designed multi-level difficulty annotations. Evaluation metric is the accuracy of multiple-choice QA sets.

2. Important Dates

  • Submission deadline at July 31 (23:59:59 UTC-0)
  • Signup to receive updates: link
  • In April 7th, DramaQA Dataset v1.0 was released.
  • In April, The 2nd DramaQA Challenge 2020 was launched.
  • In April, DramaQA Challenge Leaderboard is open and Starter Code is released.
  • In March 7th, DramaQA Dataset Paper was uploaded to Arxiv.

  • 3. Prize

    Top 3 winning teams will receive $1,200 in cash.

    5. Organizers

    Seong-Ho Choi
    Seoul National University
    Yu-Jung Heo
    Seoul National University
    Kyoungwoon On
    Seoul National University
    Youwon Jang
    Seoul National University
    Ahjeong Seo
    Seoul National University
    Minsu Lee
    Seoul National University
    Byoung-Tak Zhang
    Seoul National University

    6. Sponsor