1. Overview

DramaQA challenge is a large-scale video QA task based on a Korean popular TV show, “Another Miss Oh”. Given a video clip and a natural language question about the clip, the task is to choose an accurate natural language answer. The questions selectively target different level of difficulties, namely, the level of understanding.
Also, multi-level character-centered story descriptions are provided. We are expecting this challenge could be a starting point to evaluate human-level video story understanding.

The DramaQA train, validation, and test sets are available on the download page. Answers on the training and validation sets are publicly available but answers for test sets are not provided to challenge participants.

2. Important Dates

Oct. 30, 2019 DramaQA Dataset is released
Oct. 31, 2019 1st DramaQA Challenge 2019 launched!
Dec. 09, 2019 → Dec. 12, 2019 Submission deadline at 23:59:59 (UTC)
Dec. 18, 2019 Winner’s announcement at the DramaQA Workshop, KSC 2019

3. Prize

Top three winning teams will receive 1,500,000 won in cash!

5. Awards

The 1st place Kakao Brain Drama
Eun-Sol Kim (Kakao Brain),
Woo-Young Kang (Kakao Brain)
The 2nd place sl
Seri Lee
(Seoul National University)
The 3rd place twopunchman (bertqa)
Seonil Son
(Seoul National University)

6. Organizers

Kyoungwoon On
Seoul National University
Kyung-Wha Park
Seoul National University
Seong-Ho Choi
Seoul National University
Jiwan Chung
Seoul National University
Yu-Jung Heo
Seoul National University
Gicheon Kang
Seoul National University
Youwon Jang
Seoul National University
Hyunsu Kang
Konan Technology
Deokho Yoon
Konan Technology
Minsu Lee
Seoul National University
Gunhee Kim
Seoul National University
Byoung-Tak Zhang
Seoul National University

7. Sponsor